Were Master’s last words just before He fell into a, what He likes to call “Male hormone induced sleep.” i lay there and couldn’t help but to agree.

The last weeks have been hectic, what with the holidays and near constant house guests, we’ve had very little time for each other and no opportunity to play properly at all. i so enjoy when He spends hours playing with me, restraining me, making me suffer for Him, humiliating me, making me come like there’s no tomorrow. The nervousness, tension and anticipation. But there are also times when just pure lust takes over and we’re both too impatient for anything other than raw sex.

The moment i lay down next to Him when we finally got our house back, His hands grabbed my arse and pulled me against Him. He commented as He reached over and picked up the thaws that He was missing something. He was right, my body showed none of its usual signs of being His property. No redness, no bruising, no welts. He immediately began to use the thaws on my arse as i pressed myself against Him. His cock was hard when i took it in my hand. I love to feel how it swells and jerks each time He hits me. He pulled me up onto my knees so that my arse was facing Him, my mouth hovering over His hardness. As i took Him deep into my mouth i felt His fingers plunge into me, followed by a sharp blow from the thaws. His cock thrust deeper and i began to thrust back against His fingers. He rammed them hard in and out of my eager cunt while my mouth closed firmly around His cock, my tongue licking as i moved my head up and down.

He then pulled me up and told me to straddle Him. His cock slid in easily and i immediately started riding Him. He took hold of both my tits and while He began squeezing them harder and harder He thrust His hips upwards plunging His cock even deeper into me. As i felt my cunt exploding i ground down as hard as i could onto Him. When i heard Him demand i offer Him my tits, i immediately arched backward, offering them to Him as best i could while He began to slap them, harder and harder. My tits were becoming quite painful but the pain, combined with watching Him, His hands as they came down on me, made me grind ever harder against Him, gripping His cock tight as i came harder each time.

His hands continued to slap my tits while He told me that He was going to cane me, my tits were sore and my cunt soaked, sliding up and down on His cock. The thought of the cane, the thought of suffering for Him, made my cunt explode again, it was still clenching Him tight when He pushed me off Him again and I automatically went to position myself to be caned but He roughly pulled me back and plunged His fingers deep into my cunt again. I heard Him laugh at how wet i was before saying that He could probably get His whole hand in me easily. I sucked avidly on His cock as i felt His fingers stretch me open further and further. When i felt His hand press into me i cautiously pushed back against Him, feeling Him totally fill my cunt. My mouth found His cock again and i enjoyed tasting myself on Him, enjoyed His hardness as i licked Him clean, His hand opening me up even more.

Master pushed me down further so that my head was now by His feet. I started to kiss and lick them as He began moving His hand, pushing and pulling, twisting it. It felt totally incredible, my tongue lapped at His feet while He continued to fist me. He commented on how easily His hand had slide inside me without any lube, adding that it was because i was such a slut. Coming with my cunt so filled by Him was very intense and i just wanted Him to go on and on. As i started to come again He asked if i was enjoying it, “Yes Master” i answered in gasps as i rode His fist fanatically. “Good” was His answer “you enjoy the pleasure now, next you’ll feel my pain when I mark your arse.” He continued that i was to count to 10 then He would pull His hand out of my cunt. I groaned at the thought and immediately felt a sharp slap on my arse, accompanied by “greedy bitch!” i hesitated to start counting because His hand felt so good in me and i just wanted to feel it there forever but when i felt Him slap me again i cried out “one” before i felt my cunt clench around His hand again and i came licking and slobbering at His feet.

I counted as slowly as i thought i could get away with, dreading the moment that He would pull out. Coming several times more before i arrived at the dreaded 10. I braced myself but still cried out when i felt Him roughly pull His hand back, leaving my cunt feeling sore and very, very empty. I quickly positioned myself ready for the caning as He’d instructed. “Pleasure and pain, slave” i heard Him growl as the first lash of the cane reigned down on my arse. My body jerked forward but i immediately repositioned myself, my arse stuck out, ready and willing to accept His pain. Some strokes were bearable and it was easier to not move and to await the next lash. Others were more difficult and took my breath away and i struggled to get a grip. Then i would remember His words and forced myself to stick my arse out for Him, fearful for the pain but wanting to please Him, waiting to suffer for His pleasure, wanting to see, hear His pleasure.

My arse felt on fire when Master decided that it was nearly coloured enough for Him to fuck me. 3 quick, sharp blows followed before i felt Him thrust His cock deep into my cunt. His fingers were digging deep into my hips as He fucked me hard. Almost immediately i started to come, i hadn’t caught my breath when i felt His cock swell inside me before exploding hard, sending me off into one last wonderful orgasm.

Yep there’s certainly something to be said for a quickie now and then. In fact it felt very, very good ? My cunt is still somewhat sore, which makes me extremely horny thinking back and remembering how He felt. Which reminds me, we really need to find someone to take pics, i’d so love to have some of Him fisting me; amongst other things that is ;)

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